Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering with the aim of education and research in all level of mechanical science began its activities in 1985. This department  offers undergraduate  programs leading to B.Sc. degree in Thermal-Fluids and Solid Mechanics. This  department also offers graduate programs leading to M.Sc. degree in Applied Design and leading to Ph.D. degree  in  Energy Conversion. The Ph.D. program are offered with Sharif University cooperate .

Research activities in the department of Mechanical Engineering can be mainly classified into the areas of applied mechanics, dynamics and vibrations, computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer and manufacturing.
The Department's  laboratories include strength of materials, vibration and dynamics of machinery, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer and other laboratories and workshops. The laboratories provide facilities for both research and education purposes.

At present, this  department has 20 full-time faculty members who have graduated from different  universities around the world. More than 500  students are currently enrolled in the department, 25 of whom  studying at M.Sc.  level and 3 of whom studying at Ph.D. level.

The department is administered by one chairman who is elected by faculty members' votes for two years.
Admission to this department is achieved through  a nationwide entrance examination held annually by the Ministry of Science , Research and Technology.