Research Projects

Research Projects

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Production Planning and Batch Scheduling Problems     Dr. Fariborz Jolaei Industrial Eng.
Shortest path in stochastic networks- A new aopproach in reliability evaluation and control of time-dependent systems   Dr.Amir Azaroun Industrial Eng.
Clean production technologies and its application in industries of iran.   Dr.Sepehr Ghazi Nouri Industrial Eng.
The Process of Adsorption and Transformation of Contaminant in Marly  soils  and the Role Kaolinite Minerals an the Soil-Contaminant  Interaction.   Dr.Vahid R. Ouhadi Civil Eng.
The Effect of Hydration of Concrete on Strength Development of Concrete   Dr.Mahmood Nili Civil Eng.
Study of Mix Design Parameter on Frost Durability on Concrete in Hamadan Region   Dr.Mahmood Nili Civil Eng.
Investigate Study on Soil Behavior In Hamadan Region   Dr.Vahid Reza Ouhadi Civil Eng.
Design and build a baloon to carry 4 kilo grams of load   Dr.Mohammad Javad Izadi Mechanical Eng.
Design and construction of a 25 ton hydraulic press.   Dr. Faramarz Fereshteh Saniee Mechanical Eng.
Designing and construction of photovoltaic power plant in hamedan.   Mr. Seyed Hassan Mousavi Electrical Eng.
Design and implementation of a robocup simulation software   Mr.Hamid Zarrabi Zadeh Computer Eng.
Design and Implementation of  Bu Ali Sina University Web Site   Mr.Hassan Khotanloo  
Computer Eng.